Black Linen-Look Cotton outfit on a Plus Size Model wearing a White Singlet underneath the open top.
100% Cotton Short Pants
Plus Size Model wearing 100% cotton pyjamas with short sleeves and short pant length.  The fabric is white with a floral red print.
100% Cotton Short Pants
Grey Pyjamas with Pink Spots on a Plus Size Model

100% Cotton Short Pants

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Made from premium 100% cotton to ensure comfort in the hot Australian summer, our pants are beautifully soft and easy to wear.  Matching button-up tops and singlets with built-in bra are available separately to ensure you get the best size and fit for your body.  


These short pants are 20cm shorter than our long length option and both have a 5cm reversible cuff, so that you can further customise the length of your garments with a professional finish.


Available in: 

Size 16 100% Cotton Pyjama Pants

Size 18 100% Cotton Pyjama Pants

Size 20 100% Cotton Pyjama Pants

Size 22 100% Cotton Pyjama Pants

Size 24 100% Cotton Pyjama Pants

Size 26 100% Cotton Pyjama Pants

Size 16 100% Cotton Black Work Pants

Size 18 100% Cotton Black Work Pants

Size 20 100% Cotton Black Work Pants

Size 22 100% Cotton Black Work Pants

Size 24 100% Cotton Black Work Pants

Size 26 100% Cotton Black Work Pants